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Who we are?

JobLine Nation is an employment agency on a mission to help the local communities of South Sudan. We saw a void and we created JobLine Nation to fill it. Educated and skilled workers have difficulties finding employment, and companies struggle to source the right people for their open positions.

Job Placement Services

For Employer And Employee Success

JobLine Nation is an employment placement agency serving South Sudan. Through careful screening processes and job seeker training, right through to maintaining close working relationships with employers to ensure the perfect match, JobLine Nation delivers a friendly and effective job placement service to South Sudan workers and companies.

Committed to our community

JobLine Nation was born out of a strong desire to contribute to our home community in South Sudan. After receiving a broad education in media and international development studies, our team became highly motivated to make a difference in South Sudan. We’re passionate about helping the very places where we grew up as children and we believe strongly in those communities’ ability to rise up from a state of poverty through effective education and employment.

We make the connection so the economy and the people can flourish.

Filling the void

In South Sudan, we identified a critical gap in the personnel industry: it’s difficult for educated and qualified people to find jobs in their specific fields that match their skills, expertise and passions.

JobLine Nation connects skilled employees to companies who are hiring, and as a result, we make employees’ searches easier and help companies save time and money so they can focus on running their businesses.

For us, it’s about listening…not talking

The better we know our job seekers, the better we can source the perfect employment opportunity.

The better we know our employers, the better we can find the perfect worker to fill open positions.

And so, we know that communication is key. We ask all the right questions in an open and systematic way to make sure we don’t miss any important information about you or your company.

Why JobLine Nation?

JobLine Nation is much more than your average job placement agency. All our internal staff members are highly knowledgeable about the South Sudan community and employment market, the business market, the needs of employees looking for jobs, and how to make the best possible human resource matches. At JobLine Nation, we know no two companies are the same and no two workers are the same, which is why we listen carefully to your needs and customize our service accordingly.

Our company placement services span a wide range of industries including:

  • Computers 
  • Editors & Writers 
  • Event Planners 
  • Graphic Artists 
  • Interpreters & Translators
  • Industrial Workers & Laborers
  • Merchandize 
  • Consultants 
  • Marketing and Communications

We also place workers in clerical, mild industrial, engineering, accounting, nursing and scientific technician positions.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide support to local neighbourhoods in South Sudan by satisfying companies’ needs for skilled and professional workers. Be it temporary or permanent work, JobLine Nation collaborates with a wide range of employees and employers. We’re a strategic career resource dedicated to our customers and passionate about offering a quality service in high demand.


Our culture

JobLine Nation has deeply ingrained a solid commitment to teamwork, collegiality and client-first solutions—a dedication that is reinforced by strong company leadership. By treating our job seekers well and working collaboratively with our employers, we have the pleasure of making “the perfect match” over and over again. And nothing makes us happier because this means companies fill their job openings with skilled and passionate people who can boost productivity and enhance performance, and it means employees find meaningful work that challenges and excites them.


Want to learn more about our company?

Valuing Job Seekers. Impacting Employers’ Business by developing an organization’s most valuable asset – its personnel.


Juba, South Sudan
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