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JobLine Nation specializes in finding top talent for companies that are in need of new people. We provide support both to employees and employers, and liaise between each group. For employers, we facilitate the hiring process because we have access to a large network of skilled candidates and provide professional screening and assessment services to match requirements and qualifications. For candidates, we offer preparatory training to increase hiring chances and we focus on placing people into roles that are the right fit.

We work with a wide variety of employers in many different industries throughout South Soudan inclusive of junior, mid, senior and government level roles.

Easy! Email your resume to Provide us with all of your contact information and tell us what type of employment you’re looking for. One of our recruiters will get in touch with you.

Simply click on the “Register” button at the top of our website. Follow the instructions to set up your account. At any time, you can remove your profile from our website with a simple written request.

Every day. So visit us often and be sure to set up automated alerts so you know when a new posting comes up that fits your criteria.

Each job posting has differing ranges of experience and skills that are required. Often we must keep earnings information confidential and present it only to those candidates who have been chosen for an interview. Once you’re an interviewee, our recruiters inform you of the position’s salary.

Anyone who is legally entitled to work in South Sudan can apply for positions on

Your application is sent to the recruiter assigned to the job posting and you’ll receive a confirmation email. If the employer grants you an interview, our recruiter will contact you. Remember that interviews and hires are at the sole discretion of the companies posting the jobs so if you don’t hear from one of our recruiters, it’s likely that your skills and qualifications don’t match those of the job posting. But don’t worry! We always keep your information on file and we’ll contact you as soon as a posting fits your profile.

By default, your resume is in “private” mode. This means it is not searchable in the job database, and only those companies whose job postings you apply to will be able to view it. At any time, you can make your resume searchable to employers by clicking on the checkbox “make this resume searchable to employers” when you are uploading, adding or editing.

Whenever the need arises, you can adjust or delete your resume from the “Resumes” page in your profile. If you think you could benefit from our resume writing services, one of our recruiters would be happy to review your resume and give you expert recommendations for a nominal fee.


Easy! Just get in contact with us either via phone or email, or register for an account on our website by clicking “Register” at the top. One of our recruiters will get in touch with you to help you through the signup process and to gather information about your company and job openings.

In a nutshell, we help you focus on running your company while we focus on populating it with the perfect people. By working with JobLine Nation, you can save time, save money, find better-suited employees and streamline your human resources processes. For more information, visit our dedicated Employers page.

Simply log in to your account, click on job posting and follow the instructions to post your job. Be sure to fill in all the necessary fields, specify the required qualifications and tell potential candidates the selling features of the job.

Anytime you like, log in to your account, visit your “My job Postings” page and gain full insight into the number of applicants, interview schedules, and more for any given posting.

Once you’ve posted your job, our recruiters review your posting and make any necessary recommendations to improve it. When it goes live, we wait for applicants. As applications are received, we review each and conduct our thorough screening, evaluation and assessment procedures in order to determine which applicants are suitable. We send you only those applicants who perfectly fit your job description and requirements. Then it’s up to you who you’d like to grant interviews to.

Yes, we do. Just a few of our services that go over and above job placement include staff retention training, management strategies, salary guidance, negotiations and assistance with mergers. Visit our Employers page to see our complete list of services.

Given the fact that our applicant network consists of 2.5 million people (and it’s growing every day), the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. However, if it does, this probably means there are no perfectly suited candidates at this time or your posting needs to be adjusted. Our recruiters are happy to work collaboratively with you to optimize your posting and determine the best time to publish your listing.

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