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Whatever your individual needs and work preferences, JobLine Nation is a job placement agency designed to create the perfect fit between employee and employer.

We learn about YOU

At JobLine Nation, we’re big believers in people. In other words, we know you have tremendous potential and our company is committed to helping you hone in on what you’re capable of in order to find a position of employment that not only suits you, but that challenges you and propels your career forward.

By taking the time to learn about who you are, what you do, what you’re capable of and what you’re looking for, JobLine Nation has the information it needs to set you up for success. Because we know the essentials about you, the jobs we send will be matched and relevant so you never have to waste time on positions that don’t fit.

Helpful services

Having trouble writing your resume? Lacking a particular skill? Not sure how to do well in an interview? JobLine Nation offers a range of services designed to boost your confidence, educate you on the hiring process and equip you with the tools you need to land the job that’s best for you.

Our employee services include:

  • Resume writing and training
  • Job interview coaching
  • Career coaching and development;
  • Mentorship program
  • Internship program
  • Essential life skills learning
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Online job portal

JobLine Nation makes it easy for you to search and find job openings in your geographic area and field of expertise. You can browse in a number of ways and set up automated email notifications when job openings come up for positions that meet your specified criteria. Click here for current jobs

We’re your liaison

JobLine Nation acts as your direct contact and liaison throughout the entire process. We coach and guide you each step of the way so you know exactly how to apply for any given position. As the hiring process progresses, we facilitate interviews and in the event that you’re hired, we handle all the necessary paperwork to finalize the transaction.

Access to top-of-the-line jobs

We work with hundreds of companies in South Sudan and East Africa. The same way we screen employees, we evaluate employers too. With your best interests in mind, we want to be sure that the jobs posted on our site are legitimate and offered by reputable companies. Given our extensive pool of employers, we are privy to some of the best job offerings in the area and since the employers we work with value our service, we’re able to prioritize our candidates for applications and interviews. In other words, we increase your chances of getting hired.

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clients’ reviews about us

Ever since (6yrs) I completed my high school I was unable to get job. I give thanks to my friend who referred me to JobLine Nation….today here I am so happily with my full time job at FelixDigital marketing. Thanks JobLine Nation you are a life saver.

Great advice and coaching offered by Jobline Nation employees is the best. Now I am enjoying my job.

Creating a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The rise in global opposition from a gifted and innovative group of workers brings possibilities for JobLine Nation employers to attain an aggressive edge. Often times an internship is the best match for a person and employer. An internship is any cautiously monitored significant studying trip in which an individual has intentional professional dreams and reflects actively on what he or she is undertaking throughout the experience. Developing an internship program is an awesome method for investing in our organization’s future successes, often main to discovering future colleagues and leaders.

Would you like to work in a stimulating surroundings where you can practice your understanding and develop your skills? Find out about our internships, college demanding jobs and Edu-link online mentoring program.  We regularly welcome to our workplaces and carry a breath of fresh air and clean ideas.

If you are enticed by way of a journey that should properly lead to a career at JobLine Nation, check out the job sites of our accomplice universities and colleges, such as Juba University and other global colleges throughout the Country and East Africa at large.


 Employee Benefit

Internship and Mentorship Opportunities


Benefits: Baba Nuru Memorial Scholarship 

Baba Nuru Memorial Scholarship is presented annually in May by JobLine Nation.

The number and amount of scholarships is decided in early December, according to the interest earned that year. The scholarship is based on need and merit. Scholarships will be awarded in 2020. It is mandatory that, the fall semester immediately following selection, the scholarship award winners attend a college, university or school of their choice. The disbursement must be made within twelve (12) months of selection. Money forfeited will return to the scholarship fund. Previous scholarship recipients will only be considered if not enough new applicants apply. Read more


E-mentoring program

In addition to our internships and college smash jobs, we are proud of our active involvement in the Educlink e-mentoring program.

Our e-mentors share their Ardour for their work with younger humans aged 14 to 35 and help them discover their career paths.

Valuing Job Seekers. Impacting Employers’ Business by developing an organization’s most valuable asset – its personnel.


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